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Our aim is to become London’s Number One green courier service.  To achieve this we will measure and minimise our direct energy and raw material use. The majority of the emissions we are responsible for are through our third party self employed couriers.  We are working towards measuring and minimising their emissions.  We will report on our status and progress twice a year.

Carbon Footprint

We will measure and report on the direct emissions of Worlds End Couriers and identify the emissions of staff travelling to work.  We will use the guidelines suggested by The Carbon Trust for determining our office based carbon footprint.  We will assess the physical risks as well as the risks and opportunities of climate change at each review.
We will estimate the emissions from our couriers by assessing the mileage for each type of courier service we operate – cycle, motorbike, car, van.  Our aim is to minimise our use of low carbon fuels, which will have the additional benefit of reducing pollution.


We will aim to keep our electricity bills to a minimum by switching off lights and computer equipment when not in use.  We will research a green tariff for our electricity provider.


We will keep our heating bills to a minimum by reducing thermostats and reducing drafts where possible.


We will keep waste to a minimum and research available recycling sources for paper, bottles, plastic containers and electrical waste.  We will use recycled materials where possible.


We will register with selected organisations such as Envirowise, and record any legislation that may affect our operations.  We will review this sixth monthly.

Performance Reviews

We will review our environmental performance on a sixth monthly basis and prepare a plan of action to reduce our environmental impact.  We will report against this plan. The Managing Director will take responsibility for producing the sixth monthly environmental review and communicating this to all staff.
By measuring and monitoring performance and producing a bi-annual action plan to reduce our environmental impact we will achieve our aim of being London’s Number One Green Courier Service.

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